President Home on the Range

Yes, after what must have been a gruelling visit to Cancun, our President is yet again taking some time off at his ranch. At least this time he’s only planning on staying for the weekend.

President Bush broke President Reagan’s record total for vacation time in only his fifth year of office–and Reagan’s record includes time spent recuperating from a gunshot wound. Bush has no such excuse.

It seems to me that Bush thinks that the Presidency is something like the National Guard; two weekends a month, and one week a year.

This while the vacation and leave benefits of regular Americans are continually diminishing in corporate America.

Yes, I’m know these aren’t true “vacations.” I’m sure President Bush is in contact with Washington during these retreats. But this seems ironic for a guy who insisted that he was going to restore a sense of dignity, propriety, and work ethic to the Office. Shouldn’t he set the example of hard work and responsibility by staying visibly at the helm? After all, he’s going to have plenty of time on the ranch if he so chooses after 2008. Eight good years of work shouldn’t be too much to ask from a guy who campaigned for the job in the first place.

One Response to “President Home on the Range”

  1. Gerry Says:

    Cancun’s great this time of year. Why not go? It’s a good window now. And if he stays in the Oval office, you’ll just harass him for that too. You know the president is in constant touch with the White House, right? You sound like you miss him when he’s gone.

    Did you sincerely want him to stay home? Would you give him a break if he was making an honest attempt at restoring “dignity” and work ethic? How do you define “good years of work?” He’s a republican and you’re a leftist. What good can he do you, excepting blog fodder? Man, if you all didn’t sound so much alike—

    But foregoing vacation is not what this is about, right? Research the prior administration’s time off with the same zeal and let us know your results. Maybe this blog wasn’t really necessary, huh?

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