“Dignity March” a resounding success!

Well, its been a busy several days. But they’ve also been a good several days. Several things have happened that I would like to address, and I’ll try get to each over the next couple of days.

Yesterday I was astounded by the “Dignity March” in Salt Lake City. I had heard about the march, but our meeting block is on the 1:00-4:00 schedule. As I was scheduled to teach, I didn’t feel comfortable skipping out for the march. So I had to settle for watching the news report.

What a fantastic success! All estimates put the attendance at at least 20,000! I was shocked and pleased. I feared that the Minutemen would outnumber a small turnout of immigration marchers. Boy, was I wrong! The “Dignity March” did indeed maintain their dignity, keeping their tempers and being involved in remarkably little friction with the Minutemen.

I cannot morally support any action to close our borders. I can understand the need to have a regularized and documented process for immigration from a legal/accountability aspect. But I think the moral concerns trump those issues. We live in a nation which, for all its flaws, holds great resources and opportunities. To try to reserve those resources and opportunities for ourselves by restricting immigration is simply selfish. As a Christian, I am interested in sharing the blessings I was born into as widely as possible—regardless of gender, race, or nationality. God is no respecter of persons. He doesn’t care about arbitrarily drawn borders. Yes, illegal immigrants may put an extra demand on our health-care and welfare system. Fine; the Lord didn’t tell us to heal the sick and feed the hungry only when they are members of our nation. I want to help Juan Hernandez just as much as I want to help John Doe. So make sure the process is regularized and documented, but make immigration readily available and easily accessible.

I wonder how Americans can complain about illegal immigration, when our nation was settled with little concern for the wishes, rights, or concerns of the original inhabitants…

I fear that much of the anti-immigration movement is racially motivated. Certainly not all; but a substantial percentage. Were the illegal immigrants coming from Canada rather than Mexico, I suspect that the indignation would be substantially less pronounced.

Here is an idea for those who don’t like the idea of Latin American immigrants coming to our nation and “taking our jobs”: exert more social, labor, and legal pressure on employers to provide adequate compensation to their employees. If Americans could survive on those wages, they would take those jobs, and there would be little demand for immigrants in the first place. But as long as those immigrants want to enter, we have a moral obligation to give them the ability to do so and share with them our bounty.


5 Responses to ““Dignity March” a resounding success!”

  1. Randall Burns Says:

    It is very naive to assume that if US jobs paid better Americans would get those jobs. Many employers have an active preference for foreign workers-we see this in many major US corporations when managers that are co-national of immigrants exert an active preference for their co-nationals.

    Virtually any anti-H-1b activist can describe instances of this. Usually it is subtle, but I had a coworker at a large computer company that was told he would only get funding for a project if he agreed only to hire H-1b workers from Indian from one of 3 employment agencies.

    Traditionally the US gets 10 Million applications for legal immigration–additionally many enter without bothering to apply for entry.

    The entire US work force could be theoretically replaced at a fraction of its present cost.

    These are facts you need to deal with if you want to create a policy that really is sensible.

  2. mayraslife Says:

    I am a Hispanic Mormon and I’ve got to say it is not easy. So I want to thank you for thinking this way! Thank you very much.

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    “Dignity March” a resounding success! | A Liberal Mormon

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