Calling out the Democratic Party

David Sirota is absolutely right.

Because Democrats are only in the hunt thanks to gross Republican missteps—and they are going out of their way to make sure their potential election to the majority is about nothing. Call it the Seinfeld strategy.

Los Angeles Times columnist Ron Brownstein reports, “Democratic leaders are drifting toward a midterm message that indicts Bush more on grounds of competence (on issues such as Iraq, Hurricane Katrina and prescription drugs) than ideology.”

As a short-term electoral tactic, the Seinfeldian “competence” strategy allows the GOP to right itself with new management. Sadly, it is not a strategy based on ideological differences that puts a boot to conservatives’ neck when their hypocrisy trips them up and they fall down.

(Read the rest of the article.)

This is the reason I cannot embrace the Democrats, and I assert my independence as a liberal. Because we have no liberal party. Individual Democrats might proudly wave the progressive banner—people such as Dennis Kucinich, the late Paul Wellstone, and to a lesser extent Harry Reid. But by and large the Democrats are a timid bunch lacking much to distinguish themselves from the GOP. We have the conservative party and the slightly less conservative party. The Democratic Party will talk the talk occasionally, but rarely walk the walk.

I’ll work with them for lack of any other viable option. But if they want to get us energized and eager to jump on the bandwagon, they had better start substantively differentiating themselves from their friends across the aisle.

3 Responses to “Calling out the Democratic Party”

  1. Thom Says:

    This is what has disappointed me most about Dean’s leadership of the party. I realize Dean isn’t as liberal as, say, Kucinich, but he seems to have great ideas about engaging voters on meaningful issues. Somehow these ideas seem to have not made it into the party’s ethos, as a whole.

  2. Derek Staffanson Says:

    Yes, Dean deserves to be included among Kucinich and others; and yes, you’re right that it is very disappointing that Dean hasn’t been able to more firmly grasp the wheel and set a new course for the party.

    Of course, to be fair to Dean, we should remember Will Rogers said: “I’m not a member of any organized political party, I’m a Democrat!” Leading the Democrats seems to be like herding cats (the problem of trying to be a “big tent” party), and Dean may simply be out of his depth trying to lead. I’m not sure ANYBODY could bring these guys together.

  3. EjIMBo Says:

    The Demorats, who are really nothing more than marxists dominated by wackos like Michael Moore and John Kerry aren’t left enough for you?

    Who would you like to run the dems, a reincarnation of Stalin, Lenin or Pol-Pot? How about Kim-Jong Mentally-Ill????

    If you love socialism so much, why don’t you move to Europe or China or Cuba? How about North Korea? You’d last about ten seconds there!

    I find it amazing that you people can be so devoid of any kind of rational reasonable thought and ignore facts with such voracity. The Twilight Zone must seem like reality to you guys!

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