CIA link updated

The story of the Mary McCarthy leak fiasco, about which I blogged recently, is becoming more complex. It appears that Mary McCarthy is now insisting she was not the source for the news of the alleged secret foreign CIA prisons.

If she is lying, I am very disappointed. She did the nation a great service, and should have the courage to stand by her convictions and decisions. Of course, Mark Felt never confessed to being “Deep Throat” either. I suppose sometimes the potential repercussions may be grave enough to warrant anonymity and denial.

If she is telling the truth, then it makes one wonder why the CIA is scapegoating her so publicly.

In any case, the essential message of my blog still stands. Whoever revealed the information on the prisons was serving the good of the nation and upholding its principles more than those who just follow orders that veer us off onto some dark path. Our focus should not be on analyzing McCarthy or any possible leak, but on investigating the substance of the allegation.

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