Are you feeling well?

News that isn’t shocking news:

Americans are significantly less healthy than their counterparts in the UK.

(Read the article from the Journal of the American Medical Association)

Actually, Americans are significantly less healthy than a couple dozen of the other leading industrial nations.

How is it that ill-health can be so widespread in the wealthiest nation on the earth? We’re not just talking about the poor living in poor health while the wealthy are in the pink. According to the report, the rich in America are about as healthy as the poor in the UK.


How in the world can we possibly claim that for-profit, capitalist-based healthcare provides the best and most efficient healthcare, when we spend twice as much on healthcare and are much less healthy than those who rely on nationalized health care systems?

Are we seriously to believe the dogma that our American economic system (whether you call it corporate capitalism, free-market economics, plain ol’ capitalism, whatever) maximizes benefits and provides the greatest good to the greatest number when the healthcare system which that economic system supports (not to mention the lifestyle that system encourages) leads to epidemic obesity, skyrocketing diseases like diabetes, and general poor health among the population?

Time to wake up to reality and look beyond the dogma.

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