Prom Night

Another gem from Sojourners. Discussing the materialism in which our culture is steeped, Brian Kaylor refers to the laudable stand that one Catholic high school took on prom. That principal truly understands the counsel of the Savior.

I enjoyed Kaylor’s thoughts on Stephen Colbert, who did a bit on the prom night news. I don’t get to see Colbert often, as we don’t have cable. But I love his deadpan satire. Very keen and biting humor. The sad thing is that in his satire, he sounds just like Limbaugh, Hannity, even our own Jimbo. The sad thing is, those people are serious.

Colbert’s Correspondent Dinner routine was brilliant, btw. Piercing wit, dead on the money! I particularly enjoyed the line “reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

Hey, that sounds a lot like the response I gave when Brian Jensen claimed in a comment that academia was left-leaning. Pat, did you tell Colbert about my blog?!

One Response to “Prom Night”

  1. eteraz Says:


    i like ur blog – came upon it by accident.

    incidentally, i’m looking for guest/permanents writers/contributors.

    yours is an interesting perspecitve – a liberal mormon. i spent some time in AZ and NV and knew many mormons and enjoy their company.

    i’m a reformist muslim but i talk a bout a lot of things. im conservative but classically speaking. in the end, check out my blog and see if u like it.

    i have a pretty big following. showed up on andrew sullivan three times.

    my email is in my about page.

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