Telephone oblivion

What an aggravating week. I’ve spent a week now without phone service. We haven’t been able to call in or out since last Sunday (oddly enough, our DSL service is unimpaired). My wife does have a cell-phone, but we got it primarily as an emergency device, and so selected a plan with minimal regular minutes. Our usage is therefore rather restrained.

We called Qwest’s automated repair line and set up a repair order, but it was apparently lost somewhere. We set up another that was supposed to be fulfilled by 9:00 last night. When nobody showed by 9:30, we called the repair line again, only to be told we’d been bumped to this morning. It is now under an hour from noon, and still no sign of a serviceman.

I’m getting very seriously annoyed.

One Response to “Telephone oblivion”

  1. Julie Says:

    Hey!! I can totally relate to this one! This happened to us too! Almost identically. Except it was only four days, and we lost our DSL as well as phone service. I felt incredibly cut off without our regular phone AND email. It makes me highly annoyed with Qwest too. But our friends with Vonage had something similar, so I guess it “just happens.”

    But can Qwest change their slogan: “The spirit of service” ??? Really!!

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