Supporting the Troops

The Bush administration and the Republican party to which it belongs likes to claim that it is the party which supports the military and the troops.

Then why is it that the military doesn’t support the administration?

Okay, that is a gross oversimplification and a wild generalization.

But it is fascinating to see that there are eleven candidates running for congress this year who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan— and ten of them are running as Democrats.

That’s ten of the eleven recent vet candidates who are running against this administration’s handling of Iraq, Afghanistan, and terrorism. Ten of the eleven military veterans who want to end the rule of the pseudo-patriotic, flag-waving, chest-pounding, party of hawks.

All I can say is: Go troops!

2 Responses to “Supporting the Troops”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Hmmm…. a telling statistic indeed. – Jennifer

  2. ken Says:

    Well I just found out that president Gerald Ford also did not support going to Iraq. He said if he were president, he would have used sanctions of some kind against Sadam instead of sending troops in there.

    By the way, we have reached a milestone. More of our people have been killed in the iraq war than were killed in the twin towers.

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