More on Social Entrepreneurship

It seems that the success and acclaim of Grameen Bank continues to attract attention for the social entrepreneurship. The NPR show A World of Possibilities did a great job of exploring the issue through the stories of other ventures similarly focused on improving communities and saving lives rather than merely profit—including the man who coined the term, Bill Drayton. Give it a listen.

As the show concluded, host Mark Sommer invited listeners to call in with examples of social entrepreneurship they had seen or experienced in their lives. I’m considering sharing the story of Signs of Hope International. SOHI is an organization dedicated to improving deaf education in Africa, a condition all too common in Africa due to a number of illnesses, and one with which many of the impoverished nations in Africa struggle to handle. Founded by a cousin, I have been privileged to help out SOHI with a few projects. I really enjoy the experience, and I hope that I can find more opportunities to use my skills to help such worthy causes.

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