The Christian Coalition Misses the Boat Again

I am always thrilled to see other Christians who recognize the wide range of their responsibilities to their fellow man—and I’m likewise saddened to see how often those people are thwarted by their own Christian brethren.

The Christian Coalition has been a force in U.S. politics for over twenty years, making a crusade out of such issues as abortion and homosexuality. But for the second time in just over a year, the once-powerful organization has had a change in leadership. On November 29, it was reported that Reverend Joel Hunter would resign from his post.

One of the primary reasons for the Hunter’s departure was that he had proposed that the Coalition broaden its agenda. He was eager add poverty, the eradication of AIDS, and global warming to the list of interests the organization could address. Many within the group were wary of such issues, and some state chapters had even cited Hunter’s efforts as a reason for breaking away from the Coalition.

Rev. Hunter put his interest very succinctly.

My position is, unless we are caring as much for the vulnerable outside the womb as inside the womb, we’re not carrying out the full message of Jesus.

I’m thrilled that such a prominent Christian leader as Reverend Hunter gets the message of Christ. And I’m dismayed that so many who take the name of Christ seem to miss the big picture it presents.

2 Responses to “The Christian Coalition Misses the Boat Again”

  1. Thrilled & Dismayed, also! Says:

    I was originally thrilled at reading about Rev. Hunter and began to write a post titled “Inspired!”. Then I re-read your post and find that Rev. Hunter is no longer there having been replaced ostensibly because he was “too liberal” (my words)… and then I was equally dismayed.

    I was raised Catholic, became a believing, practicing Christian as a young adult in the military but over the past few years (about the same time of the life of the Christian Coalition, interestingly), I have had a difficult time squaring my spiritual beliefs with the political interests of the Christian Right.

    Most recently, I listened to CNN’s Larry King interview Dr. James Dobson who I used ot really enjoy and admire. During the interview, Dr. Dobson was relaying his political ideology when Larry King asked him about Pres. Jimmy Carter, and what about their differences since “he’s a Christian, also.” What a great question, but Dr. Dobson merely deflected it by saying he disagreed with Pres. Carter and has “for the last 20 yrs.”

    I odn’t know who the Christian Coalition will get now, but Rev. Hunter is more of the type of person I would enjoy hearing speak, and I’m sure I would be more nourished to grow spiritually from him also. I agree with you that it’s a shame “that so many who take the name of Christ seem to miss the big picture”…

    Thanks for bring this to my/our attention. I’ll go read more on this now.

  2. Seavers Says:

    Believe you have to consider all aspects in the current economic climate – personally do no think we have seen the full extent of the recesssion, so would be cautious in considering.

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