So the Shooter was Muslim

So what? What does that have to do with anything?

I’m not surprised that Michael Savage, perhaps the most vile and hateful voice in the media I’ve ever heard, would try to make the connection between our recent tragedy and terrorism. Savage has relished religious warmongering and hate-baiting over the past few years. But I am rather disappointed to hear people within our community and faith giving vent to such ignorance.

Anytime the media reports on an LDS person involved in some crime, I hear fellow Mormons grumbling about the media making note of the criminal’s faith. After all, their religion has nothing to do with their crimes.

But some of these same people are complaining that the media hasn’t been loud enough in broadcasting the faith of Talovic.

So much for the Golden Rule.

Other thoughts on elements of the public response to the shootings:

3 Responses to “So the Shooter was Muslim”

  1. George Says:

    Bad analogy, bud. Last I heard, no Mormons had declared war on the U.S.

    It was legitimate for people to wonder if this act of terrorism was related to jihad.

    Now it’s apparent it was not. Crisis over.

    Move along, nothing to see here.

  2. Emily Says:

    Oh brother, George.

    Derek’s point is this. This was a troubled kid, nobody has been able to find a motive, and he lost all composure and went nuts. That’s the end. It’s tragic and we’ll probably never know “why” — but some people were quick to jump to a conclusion that this had something to do with him being a Muslim. We know it did not, but why do we have to go RIGHT to that? I am sure there are many Utah Muslims who just might take offense to that.

  3. Silence Thurgood Says:

    I agree. I count myself as one of those people who is sensitive to the media’s insistence on mentioning the religious affiliation of a criminal defendant, as if it were relevant.

    I’m equally puzzled by the church’s objections to civil unions for gay couples. Seems to me that, givens the church’s history of plural marriage and persecution resulting therefrom, church members ought to be particularly wary of governmental interference in this arena.

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