Budgets, Withdrawal Dates, and Supporting the Troops

Doonesbury, by Garry Trudeau, has a way of very profoundly skewering the absurdities concepts in politics. This last Sunday (04.01.2007), He hit the nail on the head regarding the administration’s attitude on the budget/withdrawal debate in Congress.

There can be no better way to support the troops than to allow them to come home and live a normal life. Yet absurdly, mainstream conservative dogma insists that forcing them to continually risk their lives for a war based on deceit is somehow more supportive. My wife and I have puzzled at how the administration can claim that ending the funds for the war will somehow endanger our servicemen, when common sense assures us an end to funds for the occupation will in reality protect the lives of our servicemen—it will force the administration to pull out of Iraq.

Despite what President Bush has been dismissively asserting in his recent press conferences, the Democratic leaders in congress are not “playing politics.” They are carrying out what they see as the mandate of the American people to end the occupation of Iraq. This administration may yearn for a unitary executive office, with which they can pursue any foreign policy they wish without accountability; but the Constitution instead calls for an executive balanced by Congress and the Supreme Court. What the congressional Democrats are debating is not unwarranted and inappropriate interference in military matters or “micromanaging” the war. They are taking up their Constitutionally-authorized oversight of the executive branch’s use of the military (see section 8 of the Constitution; “The Congress shall have Power To…declare War…raise and support Armies…make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces” etc). President Bush may have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed the services of a negligent, even complicit Congress for most of his presidency, but that does not mean the Democratically led Congress is unjustified in actually living up to their obligations.

One Response to “Budgets, Withdrawal Dates, and Supporting the Troops”

  1. bett Says:

    So nice to see a thinking person who understands the realities of calling for withdrawal from the poorly conceived and executed “war” in Iraq. So true. The newly elected congress is following the mandate of the public — to seek an end to the war — to withdraw troops and take our sons and daughters out of harms way. For so long this president has pursued a war that has not been declared, has not been supported by the majority of the American people and has brought only shame and heartbreak. Recent stories that point out how the military is lowering standards, accepting those who don’t meet aptitude test standards or who have criminal records, shows that the American people are not lining up to support the war. The conditions and equipment are against the fighting soldier, the war mongers and the strategists are mistaken. The best way to support the troops is to bring them safely home.
    Certain politicians say bringing our troops home would send the wrong message to the terrorists — what message would that be? That we value human life and refuse to keep throwing away the lives of our young people? The message that there has to be a better way than to let the war churn on endlessly?
    And shame on those who say people who speak out against the war are unpatriotic.
    It is time to call upon the politicians to be accountable. Every soldier in the field in Iraq is accountable every day, every minute. What about the politicians that send the soldiers there? Hold them accountable.

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