First-Hand Accounts from Iraq

First-hand accounts from soldiers serving or having served in Iraq can provide valuable insights on the situation which we might miss through the filters of the major media outlets. There are blogs by soldiers, soldiers willing to share their observations on the blogs of others (including this blog), and soldiers willing to speak out personally with individuals and groups. But soldiers are not the only people who have first-hand experience in Iraq. For example, teams from the Christian Peacekeepers have maintained a presence in Iraq since before the actual invasion. Holladay native William Van Wagenen was a member of one such team, and is back sharing his experiences on the ground in Iraq. His interview on KCPW Friday reflected an experience very much at odds with the official line coming from the current administration and Pentagon.

William will be giving a presentation Sunday (05/06/07) at the Salt Lake City Public Library. It should be an interesting opportunity hear a raw, unvarnished perspective on the recent events in Iraq.

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