Living Traditions Festival, May 18-20

This weekend, Washington Square hosts the annual Living Traditions festival, a celebration of the diverse cultures which are represented in the Salt Lake Valley. Great music, assorted varieties of delicious food, numerous traditional crafts and craftsmen all gathered together in an effort to foster understanding and appreciation for the many different “lineages” around us.

Last year my wife and I enjoyed Basque choriso for lunch, with Sudanese and Swiss cuisine for dinner the next day. We took in Maori, Irish, and Thai dancing, and a number of different folk music styles. And we enjoyed walking and talking with friends both old and freshly made. Having more than a passing interest in the Blues, I’m excited to hear Alabama Slim this Friday. There are some fascinating craft demonstrations, and for those with children, craft booths are set up where children can get some hands-on experience in a foreign craft. There are precious few better ways to spend a spring evening!

One Response to “Living Traditions Festival, May 18-20”

  1. Allie Says:

    That sounds great! I’m hoping my family can go on saturday.

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