Failure to Reform Immigration

After all the hoopla, it appears that immigration reform is going to die a quiet death. If so, I’ve mixed feelings. It’s too bad that there won’t be any progress on resolving this very divisive issue. On the other hand, the compromise which had been struck didn’t seem much of an improvement, either. I was glad that it did take the compassionate path in dealing with the currently illegal immigrants. If you want to call it amnesty, so be it. No purpose would be served by “getting tough” on the people just trying to make a better life for their families—even if there were any practical method by which to have them all rounded up and deported or jailed. It may not be “fair,” but we serve our nation better by putting these people on the path to legal status and (should they want it) citizenship.

On the other hand, I was hardly impressed by the proposed changes which appear to give precedence to prospective immigrants with higher education and skills. This emphasis would do nothing to stem the tide of illegal immigrants. Most illegal immigrants come to the U.S. for the opportunity to make something of themselves—something their lack of education and high-level skills prevent them from doing in their home countries. Why prioritize highly-skilled workers, who already have an opportunity for success in their home nations? This change is simply a gift to big business, one which could potentially depress salaries and benefits for the high-end job market in the U.S. as the employment pool increases.

Hopefully the Senate will try again to improve our immigration laws, this time with the goal of better serving the compassionate and honorable principles which the Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform have so capably articulated.

7 Responses to “Failure to Reform Immigration”

  1. AJ Says:

    Until today, I had no inkling that Mormonism has followers who are politically and socially Liberal.
    And, the shameful part is that, I consider myself to be a very well informed and intellectually curious person.

  2. Bigcasedaddy Says:

    First of all, I would like to say to AJ that I am so glad that his Dad Tony was not killed off in the final “Sopranos” episode. His legacy of extortion and brutal mob style killings will live on. :o)

    Derek, when I read your comments pertaining to immigration issues, I can’t help but think of that crazy “Grizzly Man”, Timothy Treadwell. He would live amongst these wild Grizzly Bears in their environment, and made great efforts to help and save these bears. His intentions were noble and good, but in the end he was killed and eaten by the very same animals he was looking out for and trying to protect. While I don’t think you will be killed or eaten by the illegals you are trying to protect, I can see a parallel with that, and getting royally screwed over by them. Whether it be lower wages, a stagnant economy, a severe strain on the taxpayer, having your childrens education suffer from either “no child left behind” or just overcrowded classrooms, or a number of other things. I guess it’s one of those things we will never really know who’s right, until it happens. I guess until that time comes, I will think of Timothy Treadwell (Who’s name alone reeks of irony) and have a little chuckle. I guess it’s what the Germans call “Schadenfreude”.

    Anyway, hang in there, and keep the subjects rolling in. We’re bound to see eye to eye on something.

  3. Derek Staffanson Says:

    Big Daddy Case, immigrants–legal or otherwise–are not seeking to eat us. They mean us no harm. They only want opportunities to have what we have. We Christians are obligated to share those opportunities. We are called upon to sacrifice for those in need. So if helping them enjoy the same opportunities and blessings means we have to pay a few more taxes, so be it.

    But frankly, I don’t think that sharing those opportunities will reduce our own. Increased immigration won’t cause our education and health care systems must fall into disrepair, our taxes skyrocket, or our economy stagnate. Those are the fruits of a nation which seeks to maximize the opportunities for the wealthy, the fruits of the plutocracy which we seem to be becoming; not the fruits of a nation opening its arms to welcome all who wish to join them. Our “foes” are not the poor immigrants, but the wealthy forces dominating U.S. politics.

    Please feel free to continue to share your opinions, whether they are contrary to or agree with mine. Just do not try to give the impression Memo or anyone else cannot share theirs because it is contrary to yours, or says something you don’t want to hear.

  4. jennifer Says:

    Well put, Derek! I hear many people say that immigrants (legal and illegal) do work that “Americans” won’t do – – – but bringing in highly skilled and educated immigrants will add to that to that list of jobs that Americans won’t do *for that wage* – – – My question is where does this importation of labor stop? What jobs are left that will afford a basic house, a car, groceries, insurance, school fees, etc. etc. The corporate powers want to pay less money garner higher profit margins but then complain about the “social entitlement attitudes” of the lower classes. The disconnect is staggering IMO.

  5. Bigcasedaddy Says:

    I agree our foes are the wealthy corporations dominating our political system. That is going to be a tough “nut” to crack. I will continue to vote Democrat, until I see the demise of the evil Republican warlords. The way this system is set up, it will be extremely hard to get the voice of the people back from the corporate world. I don’t see this changing very much in Utah either. LDS Republicans are like sheep with blinders on, because they are stupid animals of whom they see things one way, and are fairly easy to herd. They believe just about every crappy piece of spoon fed FOX garbage they see and hear. They are also so concerned about the way they may appear to congregation in the ward, that they do not want to be dissedent like, so like sheep, they follow the guy in front of him, not really knowing where they are being led.

    I don’t really know what part of the country you are in, but the illegals out in West Valley City Utah, are far from “poor”. Most of the time they are driving a better vehicle than I do. I stand in back of them at the grocery store, see them break out their welfare card to pay for the food the state will accomodate them with, then break out a wad of hundreds to pay for the rest. This is not entirely their fault , because they are generally working for some corrupt law-breaker that pays them “under-the-table”. A A lot of times they have a massive unreported income.

    I would want to see massive reform and accountability locally and Federally before I would even consider paying more in taxes for that cause. Our government has been unaccountable for billions of dollars in Iraq, what would stop them from slush funding some illegal immigrant bill?

    I don’t understand your position at all. We send our jobs there, (i.e. NAFTA, CAFTA, etc.) and provide tax breaks for wealthy corporations to do it, and yet they are still coming over here keeping wages stagnant and taking jobs from us here. We’re getting screwed at home and abroad. They are double-dipping. When these things makes our and the world economy to tumble all hell will break loose. The only way I can come close to agreeing with you is if these people become legal, “Unionize”, and drive wages back up. I believe that some are already being formed.

    Anyway gotta go. Have fun you guys (& gals).

  6. Jack Says:

    what about all the americans – many of them former missionaries – working for companies overseas? why is it americans see fit to infest the big cities of europe and asia with all their finance and business guys etc – thereby stealing jobs from the local populace – but don’t want to reciprocate when it comes to their country? i live in london in the uk and have been turned down for jobs many times because the firms would rather hire harvard grads than someone like me – average grades from an average uk law school – but, i’m a uk citizen. american and international companies should NOT be entitled to compete for the best qualified employees “globally.” if they can’t find better qualified candidates in those countries, then they need to lower the bar. job protection should trump maximizing efficiency, increasing profits or hiring the best available talent. at least that way, i could sue the companies who hire (and then do all the visa paperwork) for overseas people rather than me.

    funny, but when i mention this position to many conservative americans who live in london, they suddenly get defensive, though are against similarly relaxing laws in america.

    you want the world to be your oyster, but nobody else’s. your children graduate from schools and have the opportunity to work in hundreds of different american cities, and then, on top of that, want to go work overseas too! meanwhile, we are stuck in small countries infiltrated by jewish-american capital, and treacherous muslim immigrants. i seriously hope europe takes a big “right turn” in the next few years. the world will see us perpetrate atrocities surpassing the holocaust.

  7. fia Says:

    And the tide of illegal immigration may increase with US factories abroad closing down and relocating to the US.

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