The American People want…

Pet Peeve time.

I’m really tired of politicians telling us in their speeches what the American People want, believe, feel, etc. This president is perhaps the most glaring example, perhaps because of his seemingly fanatic belief in the divine nature of his call to Presidency. But he is hardly the only offender. Plenty of politicians and public figures of all stripes across the political spectrum like to tell us what we want in justification for their positions.

Here’s a hint for the politicians: The monolithic American People to whom you refer doesn’t exist. With congress split virtuallly in half among the two parties, and the president receiving almost exactly half the vote in each election, it should be apparent that we are a rather divided nation. There is no broad, deep mandate from the American People. Nor, despite all the polls the news and politicians conduct, can any politician claim to be a seer.

Don’t try to tell us what we want. Tell us what you think the nation should do, what the facts lead you to conclude is the right course. The American People can express for themselves whether or not they agree.

3 Responses to “The American People want…”

  1. David Says:

    Right on. Politicians should quit pretending to be what we want and focus on telling us who they are and what they believe. Then we can choose who we want to elect.

  2. jennifer Says:

    I agree. As if they knew…

  3. Aaron Orgill Says:

    Amen. And Bush is probably the most egregious offender right now. It’s almost humorous to hear a guy whose approval rating is in the toilet telling us what we want. It’s almost like he’s attempting a Jedi mind trick.

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