Bush Doesn’t Want Congressional “Wasteful Spending”; That’s His Job

President Bush gave a stern admonition this morning to Congress in their unwillingness to acquiesce to his spending priorities and demands.

Americans also expect their tax dollars to be spent wisely. Yet today 11 of the 12 annual spending bills that fund the day-to-day operations of the federal government remain unfinished. And now, congressional leaders are talking about piling these bills into one monstrous piece of legislation which they will load up with billions of dollars in earmarks and wasteful spending.

Taxpayers deserve better. And if the Congress passes an irresponsible spending bill, I’m going to veto it.

After all, this administration has proven to be a paragon of financial and government restraint.

2 Responses to “Bush Doesn’t Want Congressional “Wasteful Spending”; That’s His Job”

  1. Aaron Orgill Says:

    Can’t argue with you there.

  2. jennifer Says:

    Just when I think this administration can’t possibly stoop any lower, Bush starts lecturing Congress on budget matters. Never ceases to amaze!!!

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