Evaluating The Surge

So many current events and issues to blog on, and so little time. Sigh. Maybe I’ll be able to get to a few of them.

In the meantime…

Over the past month or so, I hear a lot of politicians and pundits claiming that evidence proves that The Surge has worked, and was the right strategy. Richard Warnick suggests otherwise.

2 Responses to “Evaluating The Surge”

  1. Non-Arab Arab Says:

    Another point that should be recognized: while partisan wonks both pro- and anti-war slog out it asking whether the surge has “worked”, two quiet but ultimately more critical groups recognize that entire debate as meaningless. Both serious analysts in Washington and insurgents themselves in Iraq (and neighboring countries) openly acknowledge that this is a temporary quiet period and that the minute the surge troops start to draw down they are getting prepped now for the next round. No one with the combination of big-picture view and lack-of-need-to-spin thinks otherwise. Everyone knows that as in every war there are ebbs and flows and that for numerous reasons this has become a quiet period of consolidation and preparation for the next round.

    To add a few reasons to the pile: not only has there been no political progress on national-level reconciliation in Iraq (indeed, the sectarian players are turning even more stubborn as the current period of calm has convinced them they should compromise less, not more), the US military in its focus on supposed bottom-up local “reconciliation” is in fact massively arming entirely new factions in the civil war. Those new factions (primarily the Sahwas/Awakenings, but others as well) are going to be just another new militia shooting it out and enabled by the Americans making Iraq an even bloodier mess. More blundering ethnic stupidity from the Americans.

  2. Caleb Cambee Says:

    : It’s interesting how we see what we want to see. So who should we listen to? Maybe we should pay attention more to the bloggers in Iraq because they know what’s really going on and don’t have a political agenda, it’s just another day for them. I just saw this cool documentary on the whole G.I movement called Sir! No Sir! It’s pretty interesting although instead of bloggers, the soldiers were making underground newspapers about the war. It’s pretty interesting, here’s their website for some more info.


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