Street Prophets on Congress’s Christmas Resolution

Blogger Pastor Dan noted another example of conservative church-state-Christmas lunacy.

2 Responses to “Street Prophets on Congress’s Christmas Resolution”

  1. Obi wan liberali Says:

    I’d like to propose a resolution honoring the Zoroastrian God-man Mithrais whose traditional birthday, December 25, the early Christians adopted as Christmas. The importance of this day, representing the winter solstice and the rebirth of the sun, should be recognized by all real Americans.

    All those in favor say, Aye, those opposed say, no or present.

  2. The Bammo Says:

    I think Congress should stay the he_l out of any RELIGIOUS matters. This BS is a waste of taxpayer money and time.
    There is a lot more important issues at hand that our so called CHRIST-MASS loving Congress can get involved with and maybe even solve. Now wouldn’t that be different for a change instead of playing neocon footsie.
    They forget who the hell they represent, and thats the PEOPLE not a damn religion. This is a Right WingNut campaignstunt that the so called majority fell for again. They have to remember who put their soft azz’s in office and who can get those azz’s out as well.
    Hang Tough ~

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