Real Christmas Spirit

Now here‘s a family which understands Christmas.

No doubt, they are hardly unique. I’m sure there are many individuals and families around the nation (and world) who forgo the conventional commodified Christmas for one more representative of him for whom the holiday is named. But we’re so bombarded by slick ads, cloying Christmas specials and bad music that these simple and yet powerful acts of Christian charity are overlooked and undervalued.

The Brand family may not be receiving presents this year, but the gifts they will obtain through their unselfishness will be priceless.

(Thanks to Farnsworth for the heads-up)

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3 Responses to “Real Christmas Spirit”

  1. Aaron Orgill Says:

    Beautiful idea passed on by beautiful people. This is what I would like my own Christmases to look like with my children. Creating happiness in others, however we can. I have two young boys, and I believe it could make a huge impact on them to get the real meaning of Christmas early in their lives.

    BTW, I agree one thousand percent with your choices of bad songs. Michael McLean has his very own wing in songwriting hell. I would add “Christmas Shoes,” a truly manipulative, cloying piece of drivel which I’m sure some of your readers love, because it’s constantly requested on the radio, and every time it comes up and my gag reflex kicks in, I’m told by someone what a heartless jerk I am. I hate that song as much as I hate “Bennie and the Jets”. No, hate is not too strong a word.

    Back to the real deal, thanks for posting this. I hope that by next year my business will be thriving and I can start a program like this. I will be looking for support and hope I can come here to get some from the liberal Mormon and his readers. Despite our occasional strong differences, I believe most of the people here will back up their talk with action. God bless, and Merry Christmas.

  2. Farnsworth Says:

    Thanks for the link and for promoting the story. Maybe this can be the start of a whole movement!

  3. Ben Says:

    That’s a really good idea. Especially as I get older, the gift giving thing starts to seem more and more shallow. Why not use the money to help people who really need it?

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