Camp Oxbow

As part of their ongoing struggle to pulverize their straw man du jour, the Utah Republican Party has found yet another method of defeating the “plague” (presidential candidate Romney’s less-than-charitable description) of illegal immigration.

Greg Curtis wants to use Oxbow jail for the detention of illegal immigrants.

Presumably because concentration camps have proven a great idea in the past.

Nice to see Curtis thinking inside the box.

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4 Responses to “Camp Oxbow”

  1. Thom Says:

    “we need to know if there’s a coalition of the willing down there.”

    Nice to see he’s even coming up with original euphemisms, too.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    I’m usually the last to come out defending Curtis but isn’t this just meant to be used as a holding facility for people caught committing a crime (I mean other than the misdemeanor they commit by being here illegally) so they can be deported instead of taking up limited jail space meant for our citizen criminals?

    That seems a lot less sinister than the concentration camps you’re alluding to.

  3. WP Says:

    To be complete it must have guard towers and 50 cals mounted round the perimeter to keep these folks in check like those ICE busted in Hyrum which included women, mothers and grandmothers. Hope the cells are heated because the Hyrum arrestees were not allowed to take their coats with them

    The goods news is that last night’s Dem debate conclusively suggested better times are ahead for America and its immigrant community. One of those two will be the next president of the US, no question. All the polls show both R’s losing to Hillary or Barack.

  4. theorris Says:

    Perhaps they will rename Oxbow Bergen-Belsen for the hell of it.

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