Becker Stands with Burbank and Buttars

Yesterday, Ralph Becker came out in favor of Senator Buttars’ SB 260, which would ensure that disciplinary charges against police throughout the state are kept private, as noted by Jeremy and later by one of my commentors.

Well, now that Ralph supports the Bill, I’m okay with it.


My stands are about principle, not partisanship. It makes no difference who supports the bill. I believe that those who have such great responsibility and great power as do our law enforcement officers must be held accountable. A lack of accountability and transparency heightens the temptation to abuse that power. Based on what I’ve seen, I’m reasonably confident that Chief Burbank is an honorable person. But he is wrong to support this bill, and risks tainting the honor of the profession which he is trying to protect. The best way to maintain that honor of isn’t to stifle awareness of abuse, but to open the windows and make sure abuse isn’t possible without public awareness.

I’m very disappointed in Ralph for supporting this bill. He is taking the wrong side of this issue, which I’ve let him know in an e-mail to his office.

Given this is his first offense, I’m not yet about to tar him with the same brush as I’ve done the Utah Republican Party. But rest assured, if he were to consistently oppose government/public servant accountability and expand his personal power base, I’ll call him a spade as well.

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