Mayor Becker Persuaded by My Plea

I’m glad I pull some weight in this town. Mayor Becker has reconsidered his support for SB 260, citing erudite and compelling letters from certain members of the Salt Lake City blogging community.

Okay, he may not have exactly said that nor attributed his change of heart to me. But you can read it in between the lines if you look carefully enough, can’t you?

In any case, I’m glad he came to his senses. Now I can only hope that those politicians who can actually vote on the bill take a similar view.

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2 Responses to “Mayor Becker Persuaded by My Plea”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Congratulations on your newfound influence! Use it wisely 🙂

  2. Wesley Says:

    Congrats! It seems my influence encompasses about 1900 square feet, and that’s only when my wife isn’t home.
    My uncle is actually a parole office in SLC an was very much opposed to SB 260. It seems like one of those no-brainers, but sometimes it takes those with the brains to bring the no-brainedness to light. Keep up the good work.

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