Alternative Pioneer Festivities

Utah’s big holiday is fast approaching. Our state pulls out all the stops for its Days of ’47: Parades, picnics, fireworks, the whole nine yards to celebrate the Mormon pioneer trek to Utah.

My wife and I enjoy the holiday, but not in the traditional way. We tend to skip the parade and most of the Mormon pioneer-oriented activities, preferring more alternative celebrations. On the evening of the 23rd, we regularly attend the International CultureFest, a celebration of cultural diversity downtown at the Gallivan Center. And on the 24th, we hang out in Liberty Park for several hours (or as long as our water holds out in the blazing heat) at the Native American Celebration in the Park. They have lots of craft and food booths, kids activities, music, and the Powwow. We’ve really enjoyed seeing the costumes, the dancing, and the singing at the Powwow Unfortunately, it appears that the Powwow is no longer free. But even if you’d prefer not to spend the money, there will still be plenty to see and do at the park.

If you’re looking for something different to shake up your Pioneer Days, give some of these a shot.

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2 Responses to “Alternative Pioneer Festivities”

  1. cagirl Says:

    Thanks so much for the suggestions! I get so sick of the pioneer stuff all summer long in Utah. I am so glad to hear there are alternatives. We live in a small town in southern Utah and it is a HUGE deal. Like a family reunion that everybody comes home for. I have always felt like I’m not really a member of the family. I will definetely check those other activities out.

  2. nephi Says:

    I got a big kick out of your blog. I’m sure you really get the guys worked up in Elders Quorum. Please check my blog out some time:

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