Utah Solar Tour

This Saturday (September 13), the Utah Solar Energy Association is sponsoring the Northern Utah Solar Tour. It appears that over fifty buildings will be exhibited in Ogden, Park City, SLC, and Orem/Provo showing off various types of solar energy features. The tour is part of the National Solar Tour promoted by the American Solar Energy Society. Should be some very interesting information and ideas for how to reduce energy use and dependence on fossil fuels.

(for any readers in the Dixie area, the Southern Utah Solar Tour, with buildings in St. George and Cedar City, will be on September 27).

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2 Responses to “Utah Solar Tour”

  1. Lionel Phun Says:

    Ah man, I missed it. I hope this Solar Tour is going worldwide to spread information about alternative energy resources. I don’t think solar is the best idea, but it’s somewhat viable and a step in the right direction.

  2. Eusebia Burgoa Says:

    Utah Solar Tour | A Liberal Mormon

    […]I have meals in the backyard and a method to cook it.[…]

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