O’Reilly and Buttars are Right

The Lord does care about Christmas retail campaigns!

Jesus Returns To Give Consumers Christmas Pep Talk

warning: contains satirical references to Christ. Do not click if you find such humor offensive

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4 Responses to “O’Reilly and Buttars are Right”

  1. Joseph Owen Says:

    Fun. I’m sure that’s exactly what would happen, given what I’ve read in the New Testament. Which, as you point out in the title (love the pun on “right”), is exactly what guys like O’Reilly and Buttars have been trying to tell us. Make sure the money changers can keep using Christ’s name (in vain) so we won’t be smitten at the second coming!

  2. Urban Koda Says:

    I’m not sure if this adds or detracts from the message, but as I listen to that, I snorted milk out my nose!

  3. Frank Staheli Says:

    I don’t think there were any satirical references to Christ in that piece. It was excellent. Rather, it was satirical reference to what Christ would probably say if he showed up back on earth during this Christmas season.


    It would take quite a bit more time in our modern day world than it did in the meridian of time for Christ to throw the plethora of money-changers from their temples of greed that now dot the earth. But it would be worth it.


    • Derek Staffanson Says:

      I honestly didn’t find anything blasphemous or sacrilegious about the satire either, Frank. But since many people seem to find The Life of Brian (a brilliant satire on religion, in my opinion) offensive, I figured I should append a disclaimer for the sensitive.

      Joseph, I think the reference to the money-changers is spot on.

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