Junk Mail and Phone Books

Want to reduce your resource consumption this year? Why not start by eliminating your junk mail and those mammoth door stops phone books?

You can call the companies sending you mail and request that they stop. Or you can sign up with an enterprise such as Green Dimes to have them do the work of eliminating junk mail.

You can also sign up for Green Dimes’ petition to ban junk mail.

For more information on stopping junk mail, check out the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.

(how is that for a screwy economic system—you have to take time and effort to request that resources not be used on your behalf!)

For the phone book, YellowPagesGoesGreen.com has a sign-up page to terminate the yearly delivery of books. If you don’t trust them, Olivia Zaleski recommends a series of steps to stop Dex from showing up on your doorstep.

How long has it been since you’ve responded to unsolicited mail. For that matter, how long has it been since you’ve solicited physical mail? And if you spend enough time on the internet to waste it on blogs like this, you probably don’t bother cracking the book when you need to find a phone number. So it’s a step towards a more sustainable life without any sacrifice. Seems like a no-brainer.

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3 Responses to “Junk Mail and Phone Books”

  1. Thewmes Says:

    But with no Dex around what will I rip in half to demonstarte anger?

  2. Beyla Says:

    How about trying out some Norwegian solutions? We’ve got three great solutions to this: We can, through the government, safeguard ourselves from phone salespeople and junk mail, making it a felony to send us the regular 40lbs worth of glossy ads.. Also, we can place a sticker on our mailbox sayng “No to junk mail” which ensures the mail man can’t dump that stuff in our mail boxes. This forces the companies to print less amounts of junk because people won’t even accept it. I mean, come on.. it’s YOUR mail box! How great of you to increase focus on these matters

  3. Tim Says:

    If you are also tired of having free papers thrown in your driveway try this website http://www.stopfreepapers.org. It is a free service that helps stop the delivery of the free papers.

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