Governor Huntsman Supports Civil Unions

With Utah having decided via constitutional amendment to restrict freedom of conscience among individuals and religions regarding homosexual marriage, Equality Utah has introduced the Common Ground initiative to ensure the protection of some basic rights for homosexual families.

The initiative has met vehement opposition from Utah’s formidable conservative political bloc, and it faces a very steep uphill battle in the legislature. One glimmer of hope has been the somewhat surprising support of Governor Huntsman. As popular as he is, he may enable some headway on the issue.

Huntsman deserves credit for taking this stand. I would encourage everyone who supports justice and civil rights to let him know you support him. And while you’re at it, email your legislators to encourage them to support the Common Ground Initiative, and sign Equality Utah’s petition.

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7 Responses to “Governor Huntsman Supports Civil Unions”

  1. ConservativeRepublican Says:

    i was shocked to learn that he had done this. I’m sure he’s receiving tons of hate mail, so we need to send lots of messages and let the man know that we’re pleased about his vocal support of most gay rights.

  2. green mormon architect Says:

    hallelujah – being new to the state, i am learning that he is quite progressive on many issues for a republican. i signed the form and petition to support him.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Mom Blogs – Blogs for Moms…

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Yeah GMA, I thought his recent State o’ the State speech sounded quite progressive, maybe he’s a RINO. I’m not complaining, but I know he has an uphill battle with many state legislators.

  5. calico1cat Says:

    Thanks, Derek! I sent Gov. Huntsman an e-mail. =)

  6. Knowledge Czar Says:

    As an ex-Liberal, I kinda understand where you’re coming from. The only problem the Mormon church has with the “gay agenda” is the manipulation of the institution of marriage itself. We’re fine with civil unions and all of the rights that come with. We want people to be able to live God’s plan freely- to choose good from evil for themselves. Satan’s plan in the pre-existence was about controlling us into doing good. That is Progressivism/ Communism!!! Freedoms should NOT be taken away for the “good” of society. That was Satan’s plan. But we HAVE to defend God’s most sacred institution. The assumption that Republicanism and Mormonism are always going to align is way off base. But Liberalism has in almost every way moved away from the teachings of the Gospel, except that is preaches good will (but its works show different fruits). It’s a counterfeit. Don’t be deceived. I’m BEGGING YOU!! That’s why I moved away from Liberalism. I support the sanctity of marriage. I do not support government run welfare because it is Satan’s infantalizing counterfeit for Christ’s charity (and neither do the prophets. Look it up if you don’t believe me.) Welfare by the state edifies no one, only creating dependence upon the state and leading our country to bankruptcy with ponzi scheme welfare programs. Socialization is not to be tolerated in any form according to President Benson, and that includes government take-over of health care and the private sector (GM). Feminism deteriorates the value of motherhood and women when taken past it’s original goals- equal pay and voting rights, by encouraging women to be pro-abortion, pro-sexual promiscuity, and equalizing with men at the cost of our own greatest feminine qualities. I say this because I am an EX- LIBERAL. I was fooled for a long time. I’m not 100% Republican, and I’m not 100% Democrat. Both are full of lies and foolishness. I’m trying to align my self 100% with God’s will, which is freedom to choose good from evil without governmental force. His will for us is in the Constitution. He says so in the D&C. The Constitution has been undermined and manipulated by Progressives for 100 years. Progressivism exerts controls that are evil, encourages Socialized welfare programs, and assumes that they are smarter than us so they need to coddle us and make us do what they say for the greater good of society. That is NOT God’s plan for us. Consecration is about giving freely, but you have to be FREE and have total power over your own property to freely give. Consecration does NOT mean someone gets to come in and redistribute the wealth FOR us. Communism/Socialism/Fascism are all Satan’s counterfeits for Consecration. Again, I only get this from the words of the prophets. They even have said that Communism is the greatest anti-Christ power on the earth. Progressivism and Liberalism are taking us there. The only safety is in scripture and the words of the prophets. Because of them I am now an ex-liberal. Because of my understanding of the 13th Chapter of the Book of Revelation I fear Socialism/Communism as it creeps into our government, but know that I won’t fall for it when presented with it as an option. Liberalism is an accumulation of Satan’s counterfeits, and good people are caught up in them because they look good from the outside, but “by their fruits ye shall know them.” And don’t get me wrong- Bush pushed us to Fascism in a huge way. Any argument that only goes as far as partisanship is missing the big picture altogether. Big government is undermining the Constitution and as Elder Oaks said, we need to defend it now.

  7. Derek Staffanson Says:

    I believe you are greatly mistaken on many of those accounts, Czar.

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