The Utah Legislature Goes Bowl Bustin’

The conservative Utah legislature, ever determined to maintain small government, champions of efficient use of taxpayer money, has taken the bold step of whining to the NCAA about the bowl system.

SJR 11 seems destined to pass, a meaningless bit of message legislation which will accomplish absolutely nothing in regards to what is ultimately a trivial issue (how much difference does college sports rankings actually make in your life?).

Never underestimate the ability of grown men to get worked up into a tizzy when local sports teams are slighted.

(ps: can anyone explain to me why it matters who is the “champion?” If your sports team provides some quality entertainment—as this year’s Utes unquestionably did—what else really matters?)

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9 Responses to “The Utah Legislature Goes Bowl Bustin’”

  1. Jesse Harris Says:

    I think the idea (and this is a stab in the dark) is that missing out on the title means less tourism and endorsement dollars. Or something like that? That’s all I can guess and it’s a stretch at best.

  2. Numismatist Says:

    Hey Derek, do you have roots up north? Say, Ogden?

  3. JHP Says:

    Amen, brother.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    I’m amazed at the priorities of that lot on the hill. Every year they surprise me, but I should expect it, right?

  5. Lorian Says:

    Of course… The Sundance Film Festival and related activities bring in lots of tourist revenue. :strokes-chin: I wonder what the legislators could do to promote THAT kind of tourism… 😉

  6. ConservativeRepublican Says:

    I honestly don’t get why the Utah legislature feels it must do this, or why Congress goes nuts over steroids in baseball, or why President Obama and other politicians make a big deal out of the BCS system. Not being someone who gives a darn about sports (I’d much rather attend a play or musical), I have no position on any of these topics other than I don’t think steroids are a good thing. Yeah, OK, maybe all of these things are not the best things for their respective sports, but it’s freaking entertainment and awards we’re talking about here. It’s about as nuts as the idea of any legislature trying to put pressure on the Academy to change the Oscars. There are so many more important things to worry about.

  7. Lorian Says:


  8. Frank Staheli Says:

    People who truly feel good about themselves don’t have to whine and attempt to force people to think better of them. Hopefully, this legislative waste of time didn’t take much out of what should otherwise be an important schedule.

  9. Mormon Heretic Says:

    The BCS is all about money. If Utah or BYU gets in, it means literally a $24 million payday to the conference. If football can support academics, then that’s less money the legislature needs to allocate to higher education. Even if BYU, a private school, gets in the BCS, Utah would still get a share of the $24M, since the bowl money gets divided among the entire conference.

    Yes, champion would be nice, but the income to the state is welcome, especially in the current economy.

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