Support KCPW (no, this isn’t about a pledge drive…)

I’m an NPR junkie. If I don’t have it on the radio, I’ve got NPR podcasts playing on my computer or iPod. Nothing else compares to the quality of journalism on NPR, or it’s willingness to look at all sides.

My Station of choice is KCPW, a Salt Lake City station broadcasting on 88.3 and 105.3 FM. I find their in depth local news coverage the best in the valley. They report very extensively and in-depth on the Utah legislature and other local political events, and their Mid-Day Metro showfeatures regular on-air interviews with local politicians, public servants, business leaders, and community activists. The dialogue is thoughtful and extensive. I also enjoy that, unlike most NPR stations, it is a 24-hour talk format, switching to BBC Radio News (the best news source for international news) at night.

Unfortunately, the future of KCPW is at risk. Parent company Community Wireless is preparing to sell KCPW. They are giving the local community the opportunity to organize a new organization, Wasatch Public Media, to acquire the station. But they are also open to other offers as well.

It would be a shame to lose this vibrant, local, independent news source. Wasatch Public Media is encouraging all who support this type of news to write letters of support for KCPW to strengthen their case with Community Wireless. They even have a form letter available to be printed (I prefer writing my own letter, but this is better than nothing for those who don’t feel they have much time).

If you live or work in SLC and care about locally owned media sources, or about quality news and opinion, please support Wasatch Public Media.

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3 Responses to “Support KCPW (no, this isn’t about a pledge drive…)”

  1. Jen Says:

    Thanks for posting this and support KCPW.

    This is late notice, but a group of volunteers and supporters of KCPW are having a rally today at Library Square at noon. If you can’t make it and you want to do more than just send in a letter of support, we’re encouraging people to write letters to the editor at local papers. The more media scrutiny we can get on this deal, the better.

  2. DaveB Says:

    my main problem with giving to KCPW these days–and don’t get my wrong, my family has donated to that station and will continue to do so–is that the management of the station has been bad. The salaries for the people at the top were WAY more than any non-profit local radio station can afford. I think those folks need to chip in a significant portion of their six figure salaries. Because serious questions remain as to their bugdetary allocations and management as to why they are in such financial trouble.

    The SL metro area deserved two good NPR stations and I love the original content of KCPW, but they need to get their proverbial sh!t together.

  3. mfranti Says:

    so, i got the email too and i’m sending out to anyone who cares.

    my heart will break if i don’t have my NiPR all day long.

    thanks derek.

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