A New Opportunity

I started this blog simply to allow me to explain my political and social views to those parties who, for whatever reason, might be interested.

But I’ve discovered a great unforeseen benefit: the opportunity to meet like-minded people and become part of a network of people with similar values.

First I was invited to participate on OneUtah.org, where I have been cross-posting my more recent posts.

Then I was contacted by Rob Miller, Democratic candidate for Davis County Commission Seat A. Rob is another fine LDS liberal, and I have agreed to work together with him on his campaign. I am excited about the opportunity to be more involved in the political process, rather than simply commenting from the sidelines. It should provide some very good experience for me, giving me the opportunity to hone my skills. And I think this will be a great opportunity to network and potentially find future employment opportunities where I will fit in and be better able to provide for our family.

I’m very grateful for Rob’s interest and look forward to this new course I’m taking.

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