Salt Lake City Living Traditions Festival

One thing I hope to continue doing on the blog, and do more consistently, during my step back from blogging is to promote local social and political events I think are worthwhile. I’m looking for some sort of web calendar service or application I can use. I’d prefer not to resort to MySpace or FaceBook. Any suggestions? Until I find a good one, I’ll just post here about them.

This weekend we will enjoy one of our top two or three events of the summer: The Living Traditions Festival. We look forward to the festival every year. Wonderful music and dancing from all corners of the earth. Great food produced by local non-profit ethnic organizations. Many skilled crafts are on display. And for those with kids, there is an area for children to participate in crafts and activities. I know it’s late notice, but if you have some free time over the weekend, there is no better place to spend it.

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7 Responses to “Salt Lake City Living Traditions Festival”

  1. Thom Says:

    Wish we could hop in our handy-dandy teleporter and show up. (Solar-powered teleporter, obviously; no way I could afford to teleport the whole family using a petroleum-based fuel.)

  2. saintless Says:

    What are you wanting to do with the web calendar? Google Calendar is what I use, and you can have public or private items on your calendar, and share them however you like. There are also widgets to display calendar items, if that’s what you’re looking for.

  3. chandelle Says:

    we’ll be there. 🙂

  4. andrewsmiracledrug Says:

    We won’t be there this year, as we just had a baby five years ago. But we’ve gone several times before and have loved it.

    Definitely a worthwhile and fun way to spend a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

    The Utah Arts Festival is another great one.

  5. spencerjanke Says:

    I have enjoyed becoming familiar with your blog, I am not sure what calendar you should use, but it would be a good idea. I will start keeping an eye out for these.


  6. Lynda Says:

    Another Liberal Mormon?? Catholic-Kennedy converts to Mormonism. Caroline Kennedy has a cousin name Matthew Kennedy who is not only LDS (mormon) but he owns LDS Living Magazine. Matthew Joseph Kennedy gradutaed from Hardvard Business School. I wonder if there is any LDS support for Caroline in New York. I know that the Mormon church started in New York. There is some connection between Matthew J. Kennedy and the White House…. Kennedy is listed as a guest of the White House this past summer. If the Boston Globe got after LDS Living Magazine for supporting Romney, I wonder what, If anything it will say about Caroline Kennedy being featured. I have heard that Kennedy was a Catholic and converted to Mormonism.

  7. Kristin Evans Says:

    I have known that Kennedy was a trustee for an arts foundation in Provo, Utah and he is the owner of a large art gallery in Provo. I never knew anything about the Kennedy family connection. The magazine he owns ( LDS Living ) is based in Utah and he also owns a steel engineering firm in Orem. The Associated Press has an executive Biography on him that has most of this information. But it doesnt mention a Kennedy family connection. LDS Living magazine was a big supporter of Mitt Romney so I can’t see where Kennedy is so Liberal. I would guess that he is not as liberal as some may think.

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